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My Search

Someone tell me of a song or book that will help me describe the way I feel. Can anyone perceive of the emotions in me? I think not. I shall write my own. It will tell the tales of my heart’s adventures. I use my brain as a guide. But is there a book that has ever been that is similar to these parts of me? What is its name? Who wrote the song that sang of my life – the ideas bottled within. My world is complex. If my heart were compatible with my brain I shouldn’t fail. Who will tell the tale of those things? I can’t expect of others unless I do it myself. A time will come for all to know and hear my story of the life within. The surface is but a surface and as I search for the eyes that see deep inside I must wait for the treasures that follow. They will be rich and give me great pleasure. The time is far ahead and today can not wait. For I shall fall many a time in my search for the eyes that hold for me a passion.


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