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A Teen’s Goodbye Song

The time we’ve shared is many hours
And we have seen good times
But now it all seems to end
You brought me home a little babe
We were so in love
But now it all seems to end

The years have brought bittersweet memories
And we have shared a home
Now I must let you know
It’s time for me to go

The days we played and laughed together
All have faded away
Now I see in your eyes fire and pain
It really hurts me so
I know we’ve drifted astray

I’m leaving you now
I have to get away
To save us before
More sorrow comes our way

You’ve taught me much
Now I’ll test my skills
I’ll tuck away the pain
Of leaving you

I see where you’re going
I have to let go
Before you take me down
It hurts me to say
I’m going away
But I just can’t stay in this town

I’m leaving your love
I’m leaving your pain
I’m taking a chance on my own
It hurts me to say
I must go away
Before I see you drown

Now all we see is pain
But look further
You’ll see the sun shining our way

Time will surely pass
We’ll be together again
To find the love
That is buried so deep

I know it’s hard for you to see
But it’s very clear to me
This is the way it must be
It’s because of this love
I’ll leave you today

Please open your heart
And accept this new start
It’s surely the only way

I’m leaving you now
It’s the only way
I hope you can see
It will be better another day

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