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Dance With Autumn Leaves

The clouds break and a peak of sunlight spills through. The dawn of a new era is beginning. My feet are wet and I have swam through the swamps. The forest is all around me. There are birds singing on one tree and wolves hiding behind another. My eyes are alert and intent. Well traveled paths are winding through the tees and cross my route. There is a brisk chill that begins to soften as the sky changes froma cold blue to warm yellow. I dance with the autumn leaves under my feet. I move swiftly, yet with fear and search for the rolling hills. A place where the specks of dust are perfectly placed. There is no uncertainty in my mind that such a place exists. The bats’ cry pierces in my ears and they ache for the melody of golden harps. The closer I get, the more struggle it is to take a step. My legs are weary and trembling. If only I could lay upon one of the cotton balls in the sky and be delivered at destiny’s doorstep. Looking back, I can no longer see from where I began, nor could I retrace my steps. My destination is far off, but my time is plentiful. I long for the end to come, nevertheless I am still and my eyes are closed. i wrap my arms around my legs and pull my knees toward my chest. My weight seems as if it has tripled and my strength could not move me one inch. I am soon overcome by sleep and slip further from my thoughts until the picture is void. The page has been erased. The artist has gone home.

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