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A tear holds more than liquid. It’s source comes from special moments. It can fall at any time with or without warning. Sometimes it rolls alone slowly down your cheek, or it may fall rapidly with billions of others as you are swarmed with emotion. A tear may be formed from within the heart or possibly the brain. Your eyes release these tender drops usually uncontrolled.

Some people can train their eyes to freeze the tears and turn their hearts cold. Some deny the reasons behind their tears which may provoke mental fury. I wonder how many are aware of the actions they pursue while under the influence of these powerful drops of emotion.

What are you feeling while reading this? Are you trying to make sense of it or just reading for pleasure? Think about when a tear causes rage within you or when it makes you love yourself and everyone you know. When do you have to pull yourself together and hope for the best? When do tears crush you and you hit rock bottom and lose all self-worth?

Keep your perspective in times like those. Understand you will be a better person when it’s all over. Learn from your tears. Appreciate them. They should never force you to hate, only give you the time to hope. Your wishes for the future are carried in these tears and hold on to the memories when you’re at a loss or struggling. Believe in the power of tears. Hope for the future. Prepare yourself for the best. it’s hard to hold on to.

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