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The River

I’m sitting on the earth’s crust alongside of the river. Dirt, rocks, and twigs surround me. The night air is warm and a slight breeze passes through the air. The soft ripples of the water gently break alongside of the rocks until a boat cruises by making a larger wake.

There aren’t any city lights and the sky is black. I can see almost every star in the clear sky, but there is no moon. A propane lantern is set alongside of me shining on my paper and onto the water. The cold water is clear and fresh, filled with fish.

As I run my fingers through the ground I can feel dirt and hear rocks scraping together. A smooth and flat one catches my eye and I pick it up and skip it across the river gliding smoothly until it plunges under and falls to the bottom.

The wind picks up a little bit and blows my paper toward me disturbing the silence and wrinkling my words. At the next campsite down are two little puppies playing cheerfully. I see a bug crawl onto the sleeve of my shirt and I flick it off toward the water. If I look out I can see a darker color separating the sky from the river; it is Arizona.

My eyelids become heavier and my body feels weaker; even though it is still early. I stand up and a few rocks splash into the water. My sandals crunch into the rocks and I brush the dirt off of my pants. I pick up the lantern and lead my way toward my tent staked into a beach aside from the campground. I fix my sleeping bag and crawl into it while putting away my pen and paper and turn out the lantern.

The next morning the sun comes up. I poke my head out the front of the tent gazing at the sun glistening on the water. There are people water skiing by.I put on my bathing suit and ease into the cold water. My body gets used to the temperature quickly and I sink under.

The water is very refreshing and wakes me up. Getting out the sun shines on my back and dries the droplets of water from my skin. I put lotion on and lay on my towel spread on a chair and fall back asleep.

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