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Stop Calling it Autism!



Many people say that “every child with Autism is different”. Children with autism may have different behaviors and medical symptoms, but the root cause for all their problems is the same. Autistic children suffer from chronic autoimmune diseases/dysfunction. The autoimmune diseases/dysfunction causes inflammation in their body organs, for example, their brains and digestive systems. The autoimmune diseases/dysfunction also leave them exposed to many viral infections such as HHV-6 for which almost every child with autism suffer from. (The HHV-6 infection can be diagnosed by brain functional imaging or blood). Once their digestive systems gets affected by inflammation, then their metabolic system is altered, they don’t produce enough glutathione and the oxidative stress levels increase causing accummulation of heavy metals. Due to their dysfunctional immune systems, many also suffer from food allergies. That is why some autistic children see improvements when put in special diets. Not all children improve with a strict diet regime, because allergies is only one part of the problem.

It is VERY important to realize that because a child with autism does not have all the symptoms that every other children with autism has, it doesn’t mean that the child does not suffer from an autoimmune disease. The only fact that it is true for every child with regressive autism is that they suffer from autoimmune disease/dysfunction that led to brain inflammation which caused the autistic symptoms. Here is a list of autoimmune diseases. Remember, a person only needs to have one of the diseases in this list to have an autoimmune disease.

Below is graph that includes the most common symptoms that children with autism suffer from. All those symptoms are only possible if the person has a dysfunctional immune system. Click on the circles to see more detail information about the symptoms.

via Stop calling it Autism!.

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