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Pastor & Wife Battle Odds to Bring Son Home from Haiti; Adoption Paperwork Destroyed in Quake – CNN iReport

iReport —

Help Bring Sterly Home

Hello. I’m part of a campaign to help bring baby Sterly and his parents Liz and Larry Warren, residents of Northern VA, home from Haiti and to their new life together here in the DC region. There are so many people in this area concerned for them and anxiously waiting to embrace Sterly. A series of unbelievable events have shaped this story.

I’m contacting you on behalf of Northern Virginia-based Helping Haitian Angels (HHA) which provides care, programs and facilities for the Kay Anj (Angel House) orphanage in Cap Haitien, Haiti. Liz and Larry Warren are instrumental to HHA’s efforts. The Warrens are volunteers with and on the board for HHA and Larry is one of the pastors at Park Valley Church in Haymarket, VA, which supports the mission of the HHA.

Liz and Larry Warren spent many years waiting and hoping to be parents. Their dreams came true last July when a teen mother who they met on one of their missionary trips to Cap Haitien, Haiti asked if the Warrens would adopt her precious son Sterly. In their hearts, Sterly has been theirs ever since. The Warrens started the adoption process and all was going relatively smooth until the earthquake hit Port-Au-Prince. Days before the quake, the last of the adoption paperwork had been filed. The building the paperwork was in, was destroyed.

Before the quake, Liz Warren and a group of other volunteers had planned a trip to Cap Haitien for mid-January to finish up some projects at the orphanage and to bring Sterly home. After the quake the group decided to still go and help with the projects and disaster recovery and money was raised so Larry could join Liz. The couples’ personal mission now was to make sure their son was okay, to get his visa without the original completed adoption paperwork and to get him home to Northern VA. The first few days the Warrens were in Cap Haitien things didn’t seem to be moving in the right direction. But, after a rigorous phone/text/email/twitter/facebook campaign by friends and family to reach out to the media and politicians and help bring Sterly (cont’d)

via Pastor & Wife Battle Odds to Bring Son Home from Haiti; Adoption Paperwork Destroyed in Quake – CNN iReport.

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