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The Censorship of Autism Treatment

Last Thursday afternoon, The General Medical Council in London, England announced its decisions in the disciplinary hearing of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Professor Simon Murch and Professor John Walker-Smith. The ruling was not in their favor.

There will likely be other posts  explaining the legal machinations of the GMC hearings and science behind the original The Lancet paper, now retracted.

To understand the bigger picture, I highly recommend Mark Blaxill’s Age of Autism post on the current scientific environment for autism research in general in which he says, “The deep and profound censorship occurring around autism science reaches depths that few casual observers can imagine. I have proof.

I’d like to provide the voice of an autism Mom, hoarse from yelling into the wind for a cumulative total of thirty seven years. You see, I have three daughters with autism, ages 15, 13 and 9. Autism isn’t an abstract battle ground to me. I don’t write about autism to gather virtual high fives from a like minded community or to protect an industry or my own turf. My family eats, sleeps, breathes and ultimately, will die, with autism overshadowing every move we make.

When did autism go from a rare diagnosis to a disorder that affects 1 in 110 children but still warrants little to no medical care outside of psychiatric drugs and behavioral therapy? An autism diagnosis can erase a person’s ability to get solid medical care. If you brought your six year old to a hospital in the throes of a seizure, the neurologists would run tests and look for the cause. When I brought my six year old, I was told, “She has autism. She has different circuitry.” And then when I requested tests, I was told, “We’re just not that aggressive with autism.” My child has a brain and a gut and an immune system just like any other child. Why does her autism negate that?

via Kim Stagliano: The Censorship of Autism Treatment.

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