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Suffering, Mercy, and What’s Fair?

Many times people who are suffering are accused of bringing it on themselves. The accusers sit in judgment without mercy or compassion. Job was a righteous man and endured unimaginable pain and suffering yet was unjustly accused of deserving his circumstance. What would “the secret” say about Job.

Zacharias, a priest and his wife, Elisabeth were old and had no child because Elisabeth was barren. Why was she barren? Luke 1:6 says they were both righteous and blameless. That’s a pretty amazing description for a couple in biblical times. They were in right relationship with God even though the blood of Christ was yet to be shed. How did they respond to their plight. Like many today would do, they prayed and asked God for a child. What was God’s response? Elisabeth conceived John the Baptist.

We should note that this happened when she was advanced in years so it would be obvious that only God could make this happen. God will not share his glory. Many times in battle, God enabled a small Israelite army to prevail over their enemy so they would know it was the Lord who delivered them. It’s too easy for us to trust in the arm of the flesh when our Heavenly Father wants us to rest in Him and rely on Him with childlike faith.

Without need, how can we learn of His mercy? Everything God does is according to His good pleasure. He acts in love that is beyond our wisdom so that all people may know Him. He reveals Himself that we may know Him.

Some people inquired of Jesus about a blind man asking if it was he who sinned or his parents. Jesus’ reply? Neither, but this happened that God may be glorified.

I believe we reap what we sow and we reap what we don’t sow. We get what we deserve, we do not get what we deserve, and we get what we do not deserve.

As a teenager, nothing infuriated me more than feeling an injustice was done to me. Often this would occur when being disciplined as part of a sports team or a class because someone else screwed up. I didn’t take that lesson well.

Life is not and should not be fair. The grace of God has given us more than we deserve and we will never be able to give back enough. Instead of focusing on getting our fair share, let’s spend our energy pouring out our lives for others. Sometimes we need to show mercy and sometimes we need to receive it. If we don’t show mercy, we may be asking God to teach us a lesson. What does God require, but to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. Can we love others more than ourself and not forget how far we fall short? Life isn’t about sharing, it’s about giving all. God didn’t split the bill with us. He paid our debt. God is revealing Himself in Chile and Haiti, reaching out his arm of salvation.

Have you received God’s mercy? Do you know what it means to have a debt you cannot pay? Will your life end in foreclosure? Will you allow God to pay your mortgage of sin or are you still trying to be good enough?

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