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Work In Progress

Today I wrote a list of titles that I want to write about. Since I’m a full-time mom and not a full-time bloger, I’m not sure how far I’ll get. I am an expert at making lists.

1. That’s Not Love
I was thinking of all the ways this word is misused and all the things people say or do in the name of love that really aren’t. I’m sure you can think of some too.

2. Obama Is Not The Enemy
The Bible says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spirits and principalities.

3. Civil Debate
MLK sought reconciliation not victory. We need honest peaceful dialogue.

4. Stop the IMF
Why are we giving $ to a group that does not support our values?

5. Stop the WHO.
You can easily do a google search and learn about the evil ideology behind the World Health Organization. Don’t be fooled by the name.

6. Don’t Be Fooled By The Name
That one just came to me. There are plenty of groups I could list with nice names who are wolves in sheeps clothing. The ACLU is the first that comes to mind. Planned Parenthood…

7. Do you really know what you believe?
Sometimes we don’t make the connection between principles and policies.

8. Do you KNOW God?

9. Ten Lies Obama Believes
The devil lied to Eve. He’s still lying to people and they’re still believing it. I could replace Obama’s name with plenty of others. Power comes from being a child of God, not trying to be God. Absalom tried to kill his father, King David. David, on the other hand, refused to take the life of King Saul.

10. Washington – The Man Who Did Not Want To Be King
Those who want power want to enslave you. Washington wanted men to be free.

11. Don’t Tell Me What To Do
What a dangerous attitude we have. Everyone wants to be in charge. Why are people too proud to be teachable? Are we a nation of toddlers and teenagers?

12. Do you get angry when people lie to you?
This blog is all about spreading truth.

13. Ten Lies The Devil Told _______
I could put a lot in this blank… Obama, Muslims, You, Americans, Oprah, Bill Gates, Teresa Heinz

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