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Blogging, Transparency, & Privacy

When I was young, before the internet, I kept journals off and on. I remember my first diary with a little lock. This idea that diaries are private sometimes causes me to stumble when I want to blog. I’m not sure how much privacy I want to give up. Lack of privacy has caused a lot of problems for celebrities, but at least they have traded their privacy for wealth and other perks.

So the question is…what are we willing to trade our privacy for? I think the best blogs are when people are most transparent. While writing can be therapeutic for ourself, don’t we hope that even private diaries will one day be read. By pouring out our innermost thoughts and emotions, aren’t we revealing our desire to be known and loved? So is it a fear of rejection that causes us to hide parts of ourself or is it just wisdom because we live in a dangerous world.

Where have you drawn the line in personal blog posts?

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