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The Bachelorette Finale

Tonight I watched the series finale of the Bachelorette. I’m a sucker for romance and even though I hadn’t seen prior episodes, I wanted to see the proposal.

As much as I love a good love story, a few things bothered me. I’m a woman of faith so when I was looking, praying, and waiting for my husband the most important criteria in a man was his faith. Now I confess I hit fast forward a few times during tonight’s show, but from what I saw there wasn’t any talk about their faith – not even when her father talked to the two men. There was a lot of discussion about family values, but what do you think holds families together? It’s not just love.

Now I know better than to expect Roberto and Ali to get on their knees to pray and ask God if this is His will for them. Although that would be refreshing.

When she let Chris go, I was reminded of why I don’t like to watch the show. Chris allowed himself to be defrauded and heartbroken. The Bible says we should guard our heart and our emotions for they are the wellspring of life.

During the aftershow, Roberto and Ali announced they were moving in together. Not shocking in our world today, but not God’s plan for building a marriage.

My husband and I have two different stories. I had my first crush, although at the time it seemed like true love, when I was eight years old. I was heartbroken when the relationship ended and for the next ten years continued to have one boyfriend after another and many broken hearts. Fortunately I had a conviction to remain a virgin until marriage. You can probably guess there was a lot of fooling around going on.

When I got to college I was stunned to find so many people having casual sex with multiple partners. Then, I met some newlyweds who told me they saved their first kiss for the wedding altar. I thought to myself that’s the kind of man I want to marry.

My husband decided in highschool that he did not want to be like everyone else and go through a series of break ups until he found the right woman. He chose to wait until God showed him who he would marry.

We did not meet until we were in our thirties. I hadn’t dated for over a decade. As we became friends, we were each praying and asking God if our relationship was leading toward marriage. God confirmed that in both of our hearts. We began a courtship on Valentine’s Day. My husband now had his first girlfriend. Our love continued to grow and the following year we were married and he had his first kiss at the altar and he has never had a broken heart. We are now happily married with three children.

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