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Taking the Potty Outdoors

I have three children in diapers and just found out I’m expecting another baby so I knew the first thing I needed to do was start potty training my daughter who turns three in October. I want to do it before I get later in my pregnancy and I definitely don’t want four kids in diapers.

When I had my first baby, I thought the sleepless first few months was the hardest, but I soon learned I was wrong. Potty training has been the most difficult part of motherhood. I get sick of cleaning all the accidents.

This time I decided to take the training to the backyard. So far it’s working well. When she had an accident, I just hosed her off. There were three accidents in her underwear followed by two successful trips to the potty.

My plan is to spend the rest of the weekend outside and hopefully when it’s time to come in my carpet won’t take a beating.

Now if I can only get my four year old son to stop having accidents and go poo in the toilet. Any advice is welcome.

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