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57 Varieties of Radical Causes

What is Tides?


The Tides Foundation is a tax-exempt charity established in 1976 by antiwar activist Drummond Pike. It distributes millions of dollars every year to political organizations identified with left-wing causes. Among these are United for Peace and Justice, which is led by pro-Castro activist Leslie Cagan; the National Lawyers Guild, an organization with fifty years of involvement in pro-Communist and anti-American causes; the equally radical Center for Constitutional Rights; and the Council for American Islamic Relations, three of whose executives have been indicted for terrorist activities. The Tides Foundation and the closely allied Tides Center, distributed nearly $66 million in grants to radical organizations in 2002 alone.


The Tides Center is a spin off of the Tide Foundation run by the same executive director, Drummond Pike. Although they are legally distinct, this is a distinction without a difference. The Tides Center and Foundation, along with two other Tides entities, “collaborate as partners,”[7] according to Tides’ own official boilerplate.


During the last ten years, the Heinz Endowments, which Teresa Heinz Kerry heads, have given the Tides entities $8.1 million in grants. Until February 2001, Kerry was also a trustee of the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Carnegie has given Tides numerous six-figure grants.

via FrontPage Magazine – 57 Varieties of Radical Causes, Part I.


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