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Remembering the ’86 Dodgers

Tommy Lasorda and the Dodgers are once again in spring training at Vero Beach, Florida. Superstars Pedro Guerrero, Mike Scioscia, Mike Marshall, and Steve Sax are promising players for the Dodgers, Von Joshua announced in a sports conference at OCJEA, in the ’86 season.

Along with starting pitchers Fernando Valenzuela, Orel Hershiser, and Bob Welch, the Dodgers’ dream of going to the World Series this season is very bright. Spring training officially started March 1. Players such as Alejandro Pena, Rick Honeycutt, Bill Madlock, Mariano Duncan, Greg Brock, Franklin Stubbs, Kenny Landreaux, Enos Cabell, and all the others will be getting back into shape and exercising their talents in playing baseball.

Mike Scioscia is thought to be by the Dodgers, the top catcher in all of baseball for the next few years, Joshua revealed. Steve Sax has resolved any problems he might have experienced earlier in his career and fans can expect to see a matured and much better ball player. Mike Marshall is on his way to being a superstar as he proved last year. According to Joshua, Pedro Guerrero is the number one player in the organization.

The Dodgers have been known for their great pitching staff and Valenzuela, Welch, Hershiser, and Reuss have some of the best arms in baseball. The bullpen is stocked with Carlos Diaz, Tom Niedenfuer, Kenny Howell, and Ed Vandenberg. Vandenberg came in from the trade with Steve Yeager and is filling in Steve Howe’s spot on the roster. Joshua says a few veterans surrounded by a lot of young talent, teamwork, and sportsmanship is what you’ll find this season at Dodger Stadium.

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