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Santa’s Story and a Christmas Poem

The elves and I had just finished a long year of preparing gifts for good boys and girls to be delivered late Christmas Eve. As we finished loading the gifts into my sleigh I tightened my belt and hopped into the driver’s seat. Mrs. Claus handed me the reins and gave me her vote of confidence, yet as Rudolph’s nose became aglow, I feared our trip through the snow. Still, I called out the names of my reindeer and they pranced ahead at full speed until we rose above the clouds. I couldn’t resist but to look below and was instantly filled with fear. I tightened my grip on the reins and hoped my reindeer would make our journey. As we approached the first rooftop I stepped down with relief and put some gifts into my bag. I carefully made my way to the chimney, but was once again instilled with fear as I peaked down the steep, dark tunnel I was to enter. I swung my bag over my shoulder and go tone leg in and then the other. I quickly began to slide through when I suddenly jolted to a stop. I regretted eating those six pies before I left the North Pole. I sucked in my belly as much as I could but it was no use. So I called out to Donner and Dasher, Blitzen and Prancer and they began to dance around and shook the rooftop and I little by little scooted my way through. I was delighted to find some milk and cookies and also some carrots for my reindeer. I quietly put all the gifts inplace and then after finishing the cookies, decided to leave through the front door. I rode away out of sight leaving behind a clangor of bells and a loud Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Christmas is a reminder of why God brought his Son into the world and of the sacrifices he made for us throughout his life. We feel his compassion and are compelled to give some of ourselves unto others. It seems if we are capable of feeling this way we could keep the spirit flowing year round. I s suffering acceptable when it isn’t Christmastime?

Christmas comes once a year and it is not only a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus, it is also a reminder to us of how he lived his life and proof of his love through his death.

Why do you decorate your trees and put lights on your house?

You wrap presents and sing songs

Still you’re empty inside

You’ve lost the meaning

Christ is the only one who can fill this void

All the Christmas hype and commercialism won’t help you

Your little toys and tree ornaments won’t love you

Christ is the reason

Dec. 25th is a celebration of his birth

Not a day to mock our Lord with artificial wishes and spirits

Give your love and your time to your friends.

Show them you care and don’t use money alone to show your affection.

Don’t use drugs to warm up your life.


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