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Winter Wonderland

The whistling wind blew through a small hole in my bedroom window as a strong breeze blew through the air lifting the powdery snow into the trees.. I gazed across the plains at a bird fluttering by. Occasionally a snowplow would pass by to clear the roads for people driving through. The sight was peaceful yet ominous. A blizzard was on its way and we needed to prepare.

I valued the time I had alone. I loved the woods, especially during winter. This is my home. The prettiest thing I’ve ever seen is fresh snowflakes falling from the sky transforming the dark green pines into white Christmas trees.

The sun glistened upon icicles hanging from the roof’s shingles. I was getting warm inside and decided some fresh air would do me some good. I wanted to munch on an icicle so I grabbed my ski jacket and jarred my bedroom window open.

Shivers rushed through me as I was hit with the bone chilling air. I pulled up my jacket collar and tried to get snug. One of the pieces of ice caught my eye. It hung from the shingle and very slowly melted drop by drop. A sudden gust of wind came up and frosted the icicle. I reached up and broke it off.

The weather started to ease up. The sun broke through some clouds and set, overlooking the mountain. I packed a seat of snow and sat down leaning against the wall. Slowly, night fell and I drifted to sleep.


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