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All Alone

All alone
Writing a poem
Rain pounding the roof
Don’t want it this way
Feeling so sad
Fighting the tears
While he’s feeling glad
Love’s making it hard
In this season of time
Can’t see past another rhyme
Why do you go
Out all alone
Leaving behind
A treasure of time
It should be mine
I don’t want to whine
Feelin the blow
Cuz you aint tryin
To build at all
This rhyme out of time
Bleeding from me
Spilling and filling
The page easily
Just gotta write
And let it all go
Don’t want to explode
In violence so
Type type click
I text blog quick
And when it’s done
Where do I run
Where it’s safe
In His arms
In His shelter
From the storm
Under His wings
In the shadow
The highest place
Above all
I seek refuge
And strength
From one so tall
Where tears are dry
And angels fly
I soar
And sing
I bring
For all He is
Loving King

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