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Anger Rage

Anger rage
A burning flame
Hurts so much
Who’s to blame
Sad and lonely
Always gone
Got no heart
Got no home
Got no love
Need a drug
Kill the pain
Stop the rain
Got no clue
Play the fool
Drive away
No more day
Snuff the flame
Close the door
Bounce the check
Beat the whore
The river’s dry
Forgot to try
Got so lost
Need the cross
Don’t want your rap
Not another tat
Got no green
You’re a killing machine
Take him away
Then keep him to stay
Don’t come back
Black crack
Anger boiling
Tears rolling
Sorrow filled
Hate shrill
Gone again
Another friend
Tearing apart
A work of art
Say it’s all me
I say he
Don’t see all
Feel so small
Losing a home
Hurt ones so small
Feel the blame
This aint a game
Dying and lying
What are you buying
Always alone
Without you home


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