My Next Smartphone, The Nexus Prime

I’ve been researching which phone I should get next and came across this article. I currently have a Palm Pre which I love, but it’s time for an update. I will be so sad to say goodbye to WebOS. Updates I’m looking forward to include ability to skype, print, edit documents, and having a quadband. It’s difficult to choose and buy phones these days when the next greatest one is always a month away.


The Galaxy S II and the Nexus Prime (Sprint Edition)

I currently own and use a Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint. I’ve had it since last September and honestly love it. Though it occasionally has its crazy moments, leaving me swearing up a storm, the majority of the time it just works. When I say it works, I mean it works beautifully. There is nothing better then plugging it into the car and listening to your tunes while the free Google Navigation directs you to your destination. A call will come through and a seamless switch will be made to bluetooth or speaker (with a touch of the screen) and swap right back to the previous business once the call is over. It works the way a smartphone of this time and day should work.

While a lot of credit needs to go to Android for the experience above, the Epic is definitely a factor behind it working so smoothly and efficiently. Before the Epic, I had both an HTC Hero and HTC Evo 4G and while they were good phones,

via Broke Man’s Tech: The Galaxy S II and the Nexus Prime (Sprint Edition).

2 comments on “My Next Smartphone, The Nexus Prime

  1. You may want to wait. It was just announced that Sprint will be getting the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 when it comes out. Might be worth the wait :/


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