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Liberty Manifesto

Because Christ has set me free from sin and because I believe all men are created equal and have individual value, I will allocate my time and money to protest and resist any person, government, or unlawful, unjust, unreasonable authority that tries to take my right, responsibility, and blessing under God to think, work, and […]

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The American Way of Life

    This is what distinguishes the American from all other countries – historically and traditionally. It’s how we live. It’s what we do, and what we’re striving to accomplish. We’re maturing as a people, as imperfect as we are, acknowledging that we need to progress. We are in fact a demonstration of a historic […]

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Proof God Exists

    DEMONSTRATION, n. 1. The act of demonstrating, or of exhibiting certain proof. 2. The highest degree of evidence; certain proof exhibited, or such proof as establishes a fact or proposition beyond a possibility of doubt, or as shows the contrary position to be absurd or impossible. 3. Indubitable evidence of the senses, or […]

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