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Are the Promises of Socialism Too Good To Be True?

Socialist theory may be well intended, but it offers impossible promises and false hope. It promises to close the gap between rich and poor and end material inequality through a welfare state. The individual is subordinated to collective group thinking. Your well being is dependent on a group and collective decisions. Everyone is expected to do their part. You are made dependent so you willingly respond. In Socialism, individuals are forced to cooperate.Their policies are enacted through taxation and tyrannical tactics.

According to Historian Katherine Dang, “It denies the individual his inalienable rights protected by the Constitution.”

Socialism opposes the principle of individuality and denies individuals a separate and distinct  existence.

It denies the right to liberty. Socialism operates by coercion and opposes natural liberty, which says the will of another can’t be imposed by force or coercion.

It denies the right to the pursuit of happiness, to enjoy the produce of your own work. In the name of equality, it steals what you have produced to reward someone less productive, resulting in less productivity for both parties.

Socialism can be seen in America through illegal, unconstitutional taxation aimed at redistributing wealth and forcing charity which is not charity at all because it stems from coercion. Coercion is not an act of love, it is evil. Evil will never achieve good ends.

The role of the government is to punish unlawful actions resulting from selfishness and greed. Bernie Madoff comes to mind. The government’s role is simply the prevention and punishment of theft and fraud. Unfortunately, in Madoff’s case, the government slacked in their oversight and prevention of the fraud.

Entitlement programs are examples of the federal government distributing stolen money.

The free market alone has helped the poor.

Most impoverished people around the world would consider America’s poor, rich by comparison.

Some people blame poverty on lack of jobs or accuse rich people of being greedy. Others blame laziness. The two main causes of poverty are broken families and the choice to not work.

Productivity and industry lead to wealth. Socialists promote the myth that Capitalism promotes inequality.

Socialism is a historical failure. It’s attempts at redistributing wealth create a state where everyone is poorer.

Four Steps to Undo Socialism

1. Reduce Taxes

2. Lift regulatory burdens

3. Individual Responsibility

4. Strengthen local, self-government

Revenue comes from productivity, not taxes. All people work harder for themselves than for others. The solution for poverty is found in the private market and volunteerism, not the government. Without faith in God and the capacity for self-government, people will look to the Almighty Government to meet their needs.

Everyone’s needs should be decided individually, not collectively and then individuals have the right and privilege under the Constitution to work to meet their own needs in their pursuit of happiness and self-preservation. The United States of America, a Representative Republic of self-governing States is the alternative to Socialism.

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