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How do you effect change to a community, a society or a nation?  It starts with one changed life.  Then it builds into a changed family, then into a neighborhood that is changed, then finally the society, region or nation is transformed.   Take cell phone usage for example.

When cell phones first came out, they were clunky, huge and not at all easy to use.  Very few people had them and we called them the “early adopters.”  I was one of those people.  I had very few calls to make, because I didn’t know many people with a cell phone.  Now, how different the culture is!  Everyone has a cell phone, and in fact, many do not even have a land line anymore!  Even Africa has millions of cell phones.  You find them in the most remote villages and health providers are using this fact to help save lives, especially…

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  1. Thanks for posting this! Great movie trailers you’ve posted too. People need to know the truth.

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