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Love Torn

Maybe if I write it down it will all make sense

Poetry’s a way to hide

To disguise


Why did it have to happen?

Why does it seem so bad?

Separated from love

By those who thought they had

The right to act like gods

They smothered life

Cracked and torn

Stained and worn

My Savior’s blood

I need to heal

This pain I hide

I feel it still

I want to forget

Want to be free

And wanting to know

When will it be

And anger lives

The fire glows

They stole a chapter

Of my prose

I want to scream

I want to cry

And all the time

I keep asking why

I try to get it

Try to move on

But this rage is so strong

They stole my song

My song of love

My song of joy

My song of praise

Through their ploy

Those long, long nights

I begged and prayed

And he sat by


Over the line

Some time on the phone

Three seasons passed

It’s all in the past

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