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I would like to thank Louisiana and Kentucky for the French donut and the distinctly American spirit, respectively.  Without you, this dish of pillowy fried squares of sweet sorcery would have never been possible.

Beignets: You can make them from scratch, but Cafe Du Monde conveniently produces a boxed mix.  I got to visit the original Café Du Monde location in New Orleans this past summer. Though it was the afternoon and felt like 100-degrees outside, I still thoroughly enjoyed a plate of fresh french donuts and a Café Au Lait and chickory under the giant porch fans.  The ground at the outdoor café was practically covered in white powdered sugar, just like the donuts! This weekend our ground was covered in white, powdery snow – the perfect time to whip up some piping hot beignets.

I did a little more than beignets by deconstructing a dessert that I read online…

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MF Global and Italian Technocrats


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Shoes , Shapes and Emotions

Shoes , Shapes and Emotions.

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It’s Not Autism, It’s A Disease

It’s Not Autism

A message from Dr. Michael J. Goldberg

During my training in medical school and pediatrics during the 1970s, we were taught that there was no such thing as an epidemic of a genetic disorder, that there were not mysterious developmental disorders where a child develops normally for the first 1 ½ to 2 years and then regresses without a given reason or cause—like we are seeing with autism today. There also was no such thing as a “childhood disintegrative disorder.” We were taught that epidemics could only be the result of a disease process. As a physician, I am shocked that our medical and research world would overlook these simple facts

via It’s Not Autism | NIDS.

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Philosophy Defined


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Marriage Defined


The purpose of marriage according to Noah Webster:

1. To PREVENT the promiscuous intercourse of the sexes

2. To PROMOTE domestic felicity

3. To SECURE the maintenance and education of children

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Ron Paul Foreign Policy

What do you think about Ron Paul’s foreign policy? Do you think his views are consistent with the U.S. Constitution? How do his views compare with George Washington’s? It’s time for Americans to study their history.