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New Study Shows Vitamin D Supplements Lead To Chronic Disease

Yet although we’re referring to it as vitamin D in this article so that you know what we are talking about, any molecular biologist would confirm that the two main forms of “vitamin” D are actually powerful secosteroids. The active form of vitamin D, 1,25-D, can also function as a hormone. We suspect that people […]

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Th1 Spectrum Disorder

A single diagnosis for chronic inflammatory disease Given that all of the so-called autoimmune diseases and chronic infections are a variation of the Th1 inflammatory process, neither a specific diagnostic label or identification of specific pathogens is needed to begin the Marshall Protocol (MP). With the MP, patients identify Th1 inflammationThe complex biological response of […]

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Stop Calling it Autism!

AUTISM & IMMUNE DYSFUNCTION – ALL CHILDREN WITH REGRESSIVE AUTISM ARE THE SAME Many people say that “every child with Autism is different”. Children with autism may have different behaviors and medical symptoms, but the root cause for all their problems is the same. Autistic children suffer from chronic autoimmune diseases/dysfunction. The autoimmune diseases/dysfunction causes […]

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