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Are the Promises of Socialism Too Good To Be True?

Socialist theory may be well intended, but it offers impossible promises and false hope. It promises to close the gap between rich and poor and end material inequality through a welfare state. The individual is subordinated to collective group thinking. Your well being is dependent on a group and collective decisions. Everyone is expected to […]

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America’s History of Economic Liberty, Voluntary Union, and the Free Market

“The most numerous and influential group of settlers in the seventeenth century, the Puritans, at first tried an idealistic form of mercantilism,using governmental authority to direct the economic affairs of Massachusetts Bay toward the concepts of fairness and justice. thus the Puritans enacted subsidies and bounties, and tried to set ‘just’ prices, wages and profits. […]

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Liberty Manifesto

Because Christ has set me free from sin and because I believe all men are created equal and have individual value, I will allocate my time and money to protest and resist any person, government, or unlawful, unjust, unreasonable authority that tries to take my right, responsibility, and blessing under God to think, work, and […]

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