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Love Torn

Maybe if I write it down it will all make sense Poetry’s a way to hide To disguise Intense Why did it have to happen? Why does it seem so bad? Separated from love By those who thought they had The right to act like gods They smothered life Cracked and torn Stained and worn […]

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Anger Rage

Anger rageA burning flameHurts so muchWho’s to blameSad and lonelyAlways goneGot no heartGot no homeGot no loveNeed a drugKill the painStop the rainGot no cluePlay the foolDrive awayNo more daySnuff the flameClose the doorBounce the checkBeat the whoreThe river’s dryForgot to tryGot so lostNeed the crossDon’t want your rapNot another tatGot no greenYou’re a killing […]

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