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Stop Calling it Autism!

AUTISM & IMMUNE DYSFUNCTION – ALL CHILDREN WITH REGRESSIVE AUTISM ARE THE SAME Many people say that “every child with Autism is different”. Children with autism may have different behaviors and medical symptoms, but the root cause for all their problems is the same. Autistic children suffer from chronic autoimmune diseases/dysfunction. The autoimmune diseases/dysfunction causes […]

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Is Autism A Disease?

There are additional huge implications from the statement, “this IS a disease” (NOT a Developmental disorder, a congenitally “miswired” brain, etc.) 1. “Disease” means these children were born with normally functioning brains that became dysfunctional. That means they can be fixed, in theory they can work normally, again. i. You cannot “fix” I recover from […]

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Reaching For New Heights To Help Our Children

A New Definition of Austim Autism as classically defined was and is a devastating disorder. It was a severely incapacitating disability that was relatively rare. It occurred in approximately 1-2 infants per 10,000 births. In this severe form of “Classic Autism” effective speech was absent. It could include symptoms of repetitive, highly unusual, aggressive and […]

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