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Winter Wonderland

The whistling wind blew through a small hole in my bedroom window as a strong breeze blew through the air lifting the powdery snow into the trees.. I gazed across the plains at a bird fluttering by. Occasionally a snowplow would pass by to clear the roads for people driving through. The sight was peaceful […]

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The Art of Writing

I’ve been at this for days. I’m trying to write the perfect novel, but in my quest, I was trapped choosing the word to best transcend my sentence. A skillful craft it is. Writing with divine elegance, and in such ana rrangement that the chosen words identify the writer’s thoughts with the simplest comprehension for […]

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On Words

My lips are pressed together and my tongue is silent. Except for the words flowing through my pen, my voice is unheard. Ears will not hear me, but eyes can listen. They listen to my paper after the ideas have passed. The words are still and will not perish from the page. Only in this […]

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