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Black Genocide in America

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Blood Money

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The Songs of My Life

Tonight, as I listened to a performance of Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” on American Idol I was instantly taken back to my childhood home where I enjoyed that tune when it was new. It made me think about all the momentous songs in my life. My young parents had an impressive music collection and music was playing in our home as soon as we woke each morning.

The first songs I recall as favorites in the 70s were Cat Stevens “Moonshadow” and “Let em In” by Paul McCartney.  When I was about eight years old I would put on head phones, lie on the couch with the album cover and lyrics and sing along to Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, and Barry Manillow. “This One’s For You” was my favorite.

A few years later I fell in love with Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” album. “Off the Wall” and “Lady of My Life” remain two of my favorite songs.

Whenever “Eye of the Tiger” came on the radio I would dash across the room and do a head first dive placing my ear against the stereo speaker. When “Billie Jean” was released I remember listening intently trying to catch all the lyrics.

Music didn’t really become
important however until 7th grade. That’s when I started to buy it and I can still remember nearly 30 years later the songs that were playing at the school dances, most memorably Wham!

In high school I was a big fan of Bryan Adams, Tina Turner, Heart, Cyndi Lauper… I danced to “The Best Was Yet To Come” at my sweet 16. It was an old record of my parents though where I discovered Tapestry and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”

One of the most significant songs of my life is called “Use Me” by Bob Carlisle. I was listening to it in bed one night in college when I distinctly heard God call me into occupational ministry.

When I heard “Betcha By Golly Wow” I knew I was in love with the man I would marry. Barbra Streisand sang when I walked down the aisle. My husband and I danced to Buble singing “You and I” at our wedding.

What songs are significant to you?

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Love Torn

Maybe if I write it down it will all make sense

Poetry’s a way to hide

To disguise


Why did it have to happen?

Why does it seem so bad?

Separated from love

By those who thought they had

The right to act like gods

They smothered life

Cracked and torn

Stained and worn

My Savior’s blood

I need to heal

This pain I hide

I feel it still

I want to forget

Want to be free

And wanting to know

When will it be

And anger lives

The fire glows

They stole a chapter

Of my prose

I want to scream

I want to cry

And all the time

I keep asking why

I try to get it

Try to move on

But this rage is so strong

They stole my song

My song of love

My song of joy

My song of praise

Through their ploy

Those long, long nights

I begged and prayed

And he sat by


Over the line

Some time on the phone

Three seasons passed

It’s all in the past

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Horrific Abuse of Power


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How do you effect change to a community, a society or a nation?  It starts with one changed life.  Then it builds into a changed family, then into a neighborhood that is changed, then finally the society, region or nation is transformed.   Take cell phone usage for example.

When cell phones first came out, they were clunky, huge and not at all easy to use.  Very few people had them and we called them the “early adopters.”  I was one of those people.  I had very few calls to make, because I didn’t know many people with a cell phone.  Now, how different the culture is!  Everyone has a cell phone, and in fact, many do not even have a land line anymore!  Even Africa has millions of cell phones.  You find them in the most remote villages and health providers are using this fact to help save lives, especially…

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Thank you for the music

Early one ’80’s morning I awoke to a song playing from my alarm clock. I had never heard the song or the singer before, but even in my  slumber, I loved it. It was Whitney Houston singing “The Greatest Love of All”. I am very sad to learn of her death a few hours ago.

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The Father of American Education


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The Scrumptious Pumpkin

I could eat this pasta every day of the week.  It’s so simple but such a delicious combination of flavors with the sweetness of the squash, the crisp kale, the hint of thyme and white wine, and the salty, cheesy Parmesan.

I try to make one meatless meal a week – eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and low in processed and red meats is proven to help you maintain a healthy weight and lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  The meat industry generates vast amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, so it’s also good for the environment to try to cut out some of the meat from your weekly diet.  But I always worry whether my husband Chris (a major meat-and-potatoes lover) will like any of my new vegetarian meal creations.  This is one he loves.  And the protein from the cheese and whole wheat pasta –…

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